OSnap! Pro 2

The next evolution of OSnap!

Coming soon to the App Store

Advanced Pro Features

  • Improved camera with more options, displays and settings
  • Fine grained manual control of focus, ISO, shutter, WB, EV
  • New and advanced hands‑free capture options
  • A camera level to keep shots perfectly aligned
  • Support for new photo formats: HEIF, TIFF, RAW, Pro RAW
  • And more...

Introducing OSnap! Pro 2

We're so excited to announce the upcoming launch of OSnap! Pro 2 for iOS!

OSnap! Pro 2 will include a new, expanded feature set making it an even more powerful tool for creating time‑lapse and stop motion.

What new features will be included?

We're still deciding. We want to include the most requested features from the OSnap! community, so if you have an opinion you should DEFINITELY let us know: .

In addition to those features mentioned above, some potential options we are considering:

When is the launch date?

The launch date is still TBD.

How can I stay updated?

Join our mailing list and get periodic updates on our progress.

Will OSnap! Pro 2 be a completely different app?

Absolutely not! OSnap! Pro 2 will be built upon original OSnap! technology.

Will the original OSnap! and OSnap! Pro still be available?

Yes! We plan on keeping the original versions of the app in the App Store and continuing to add features.

How much will it cost?

Pricing for OSnap! Pro 2 still TBD. It will likely be a subscription based model. Importantly, we plan on choosing a price structure that will remain reasonable and affordable for all our users.