Current Bugs

Below is a list of currently known outstanding OSnap! bugs. Don't see your bug listed here? Drop us an email at and let us know.

Internal error: The requested app extension could not be found

OSnap! Version 4.06
First Reported: 04/17/20

This error occurs when the Apple Music app is not installed on your iOS device and you attempt to add music to an OSnap! project. This is a system error, and there is currently no way for OSnap! to determine that the Apple Music app is not installed. The fix is simply to install the Apple Music app on your device.

Resolved (Version: OSnap! Wifi Transfer Version 0.1.4, 10/24/19)

OSnap! Wifi Transfer Incompatible on macOS 10.15 Catalina

OSnap! Wifi Transfer Version 0.1.3
First Reported: 10/07/19

The OSnap! Wifi Transfer companion app is currently not working on the latest version of macOS 10.15 Catalina. We are working on fix ASAP! Please be patient while we upgrade the app to 64-bit.

Resolved (Version: 3.4, 11/26/16)

Facebook Error: "The operation couldn't be completed. (com.facebook.sdk.share error 2)" when attempting to share video to Facebook

OSnap! Version 3.3.3
First Reported: 11/05/15

Currently, in order to share video to Facebook make sure you have the native iOS Facebook app installed. If it is not installed you may receive the above error.

Resolved (Version: 3.3.3, 10/24/15)

App hangs while saving multiple photos

OSnap! Version 3.3, 3.3.1
First Reported: 10/13/15

OSnap! hangs or fails when attempting to save multiple or all photos to Camera Roll when 'Create Albums when Exporting' is selected in Settings > Global ‒ All Projects > Create Albums when Exporting. This issue, once encountered, requires a hard restart of the app. The current workaround for this bug is to deselect 'Create Albums when Exporting' which will remedy this issue until we are able to get a fix to the App Store.

Resolved (Version: 3.3.2, 10/20/15)

Save Video to Camera Roll not working

OSnap! Version 3.3.1
First Reported: 10/10/15

The ability save videos to your Camera Roll is broken in version 3.3.1. Current workarounds are to 1) email the video to yourself (assuming the file is small enough); or 2) use OSnap! Wifi Transfer to move the video wirelessly to your Mac or PC. We are working on a fix for this bug ASAP! Please note, OSnap! Pro does not contain this bug because version 3.3.1 has not been released.

Resolved (Version: 3.3.2, 10/20/15)

Share individual photo broken

OSnap! Version 3.3.1
First Reported: 10/10/15

When the OSnap! project playback screen is paused, the option to 'Share This Photo' has stopped working. If you need to share a photo to your Camera Roll, the current workaround is to navigate to the project 'Thumbs' screen, tap 'Edit' in the upper right, select the relevant photo and save it to your Camera Roll from there. If you need to share the photo to a social network, first save the photo to your Camera Roll as mentioned above, and then use the native iOS app for the social network in question (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share the photo. This bug is on our list for the next update of OSnap! Please note, OSnap! Pro does not contain this bug because version 3.3.1 has not been released.

Resolved 10/20/15 - OS X 10.6.X (Snow Leopard) Outdated

OSnap! WiFi Transfer Error on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

OSnap! WiFi Transfer Version 0.1.0
First Reported: 12/23/13

OSnap! WiFi Transfer encounters a fatal error on all versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.X). The only current known workaround for this is to use a newer version of OS X or Windows if available. If you encounter this error and would like to get in touch with your experience or information that you believe to be relevant, please drop us an email at: .

Resolved (Version: 3.3.1, 10/09/15)

Timed photo shoot aborts/stops early on some devices

OSnap! Version 3.3
First Reported: 10/01/15

In our latest update, version 3.3, we inadvertently introduce a bug that can cause OSnap! to fail or stop early during a timed photo shoot, usually on older iOS devices which can become overheated. We are working on pushing a fix to the App Store ASAP!

Resolved (Version: 3.3, 9/30/15)

iPhone 5s & iPhone 4s exposure lock bug - exposure slowly dims over time on iOS 7

OSnap! All Versions
First Reported: 06/21/14

When shooting at 'full sensor' resolution (i.e., 'Photo' resolution) with exposure locked on an iPhone 5s or iPhone 4s, the photo exposure can, in certain situations, gradually dim with each successive photo, causing the overall time-lapse to darken over time. Here's what you need to know about this bug:

  1. It only occurs on iPhone 5s and (to a lesser degree) iPhone 4s
  2. It only occurs when shooting with 'full sensor' (Photo) resolution
  3. It only occurs with exposure locked
  4. It only occurs on iOS 7
  5. It seems to usually manifest in 'low light' situations

Unfortunately, this problem appears to be a camera hardware/software bug with the iPhone 5s and (to a lesser degree) the iPhone 4s, and therefore is something that we cannot correct by making adjustments to OSnap!. To our knowledge, it does not occur on any other iOS devices (e.g., iPhone 5, iPads, iPad Minis, iPods, etc. do not exhibit this behavior). We have done extensive testing with OSnap! as well as other iOS apps with similar functionality, and unfortunately they all consistently exhibit this same problematic behavior. For the time being, if you are experiencing this bug, you can do any of the following to avoid it:

  1. Upgrade to iOS 8
  2. Shoot with a device other than an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 4s
  3. Shoot at 1080p or a lower resolution (1080p is still very high resolution)
  4. Do not lock the exposure while shooting

If you have any further information regarding this issue that is not mentioned above, we would love to hear your experience: drop us a line at .

Resolved (Version: 3.2.2, 8/15/15)

Facebook error

OSnap! Version 3.2.1
First Reported: 05/31/15

As a result of recent changes to the Facebook API, OSnap! now encounters errors when attempting to upload photos or videos. Currently the best workaround is to save your photo or video to Camera Roll, and then use the Facebook iOS app or Facebook website to perform the upload. We plan on submitting a fix for this issue in our next update.

Resolved (Version: 3.2.2, 8/15/15)

OSnap! videos cut short on Instagram

OSnap! Version 3.2.1
First Reported: 04/26/15

Some OSnap! generated videos may be cut short when uploaded to Instagram; these videos will fail to play all the way through and will loop/repeat at a point too early in the video. What you need to know: 1) This problem only occurs on OSnap! videos that have no audio; and 2) the problem only occurs on the latest version of Instagram on iOS (i.e., if you view the same video in Instagram on an Android device or in your browser on Instagram's website the problem does not occur). Try one of the following for a temporary workaround:

  1. Include music or audio in your OSnap! project
  2. If you do not want any audio in your project, use OSnap! Voice Over to record silent audio in your project. Make sure the audio recording goes all the way to the end (i.e., don't stop recording early)

We are looking into an fix for this problem in our next OSnap! update. If you have any further information regarding this issue that is not mentioned above, drop us a line at .

Resolved (Version: 3.1.1, 11/20/14)

Reminders not working in iOS 8

OSnap! Version 3.1
First Reported: 10/22/14

OSnap! reminders are currently not working in iOS 8 for new installs of the app. When this bug is present attempting to add a new reminder will fail. We're working on a fix.

Resolved (Version: 3.1, 10/15/14)

OSnap! crashes on iOS 6

OSnap! Version 3.0.1
First Reported: 10/06/14

Sorry! We inadvertently introduced a bug just before release that causes OSnap! to crash when trying to create a new project in iOS 6. For the time being this makes OSnap! pretty much useless on iOS 6. HOWEVER, we have submitted a fix to the App Store and it will go live as soon as it is approved! Thanks for your patience!

Resolved (Version: 2.9.1, 9/28/13)

OSnap! 'Listening Mode' is too sensitive

OSnap! Version 2.9
First Reported: 02/21/13

OSnap! 'listening mode' (i.e., using loud sounds to trigger photo capture) is currently too sensitive on some devices. The result of this is that the device continuously snaps photos when 'listening mode' is enabled. We are working on a fix for this and should have it released to the App Store soon.

Resolved (Version: 2.9.1, 9/28/13)

Camera Error when Camera Flash is enabled

OSnap! Version 2.9
First Reported: 02/21/13

Some devices are currently throwing camera errors when enabling the flash. If you are currently experiencing this error, the best advice for now is to turn off your flash. We are working on a fix for this and should have it released to the App Store soon.

Resolved (Version: 2.9, 9/21/13)

OSnap! stops shooting when system alert fires

OSnap! Version 2.8.2
First Reported: 07/27/13

Due to an oversight in our last release of OSnap! we inadvertently introduced a bug that causes OSnap! to stop shooting when a system alert fires (e.g., a text message, calendar alert, etc). We plan to introduce a fix for this in our next update. Until then, we recommend using Airplane Mode, turning off calendar alerts, and disabling any other apps or system level processes that may fire an alert during your shoots. Although we always recommend this for long photo shoots, we also have worked hard to implement functionality that will recover from these event in case you forget. We'll get it back in there in the next update.

Resolved (Version: 2.8.2, 5/11/13)

Error when using OSnap! 'Listening' while device is muted

OSnap! Version 2.8.1
First Reported: 04/19/13

Recently a bug has been discovered while attempting to trigger photos with loud sounds using OSnap! 'Listening' functionality. This error only occurs while the device is muted (i.e., the hardware button on the side of the device has been set to 'Mute'). This bug may cause the app to temporarily freeze and/or report camera errors. We are currently looking into this problem and will have it resolved as soon as possible. For the time being, please turn mute off while using OSnap! 'Listening' functionality to trigger photos. Very sorry, and thanks for your patience while we work on a fix!

Resolved (Version: 2.8, 1/28/13)

Share to Twitter Error

OSnap! Version: 2.7.4
First Reported: 01/20/13

'The operation couldn't be completed. (HTTP error 404.)' received when attempting to share a photo or video to Twitter.

Resolved (Version: 2.8, 1/28/13)

Sharing Screen Labels Not Visible on iPads

OSnap! Version: 2.7.4
First Reported: 01/18/13

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sharing screens do not display descriptive labels above text input fields. Sharing functionality is not affected, but it may be unlcear where to enter relevant information such as user id and passwords.

Resolved (Version: 2.8, 1/28/13)

FPS Settings Screen - Bottom Text Cut Off

OSnap! Version: 2.7.4
First Reported: 01/15/13

In certain circumstances, bottom text is partially cut off in the FPS Settings screen.

Resolved (Version: 2.8, 1/28/13)

DRM Protected Audio Files Causing Crashing

OSnap! Version: 2.7.3
First Reported: 01/01/13

In some cases it appears DRM protected files may cause crashes when attempting to render OSnap! videos.